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Owned and Operated by:

Expanding Horizons Bowden Cultural Enhancement Society

PO Box 342

Bowden, AB T0M 0K0


Bowden Community Hall

Building Bowden’s Future

Table of Contents

I.                Executive Summary



Mission Statement

Keys to Success

II.               Description of Business

Company Ownership/Legal Entity



Hours of Operation



Funding Sources

Revenue & Expenses Projection

Executive Summary

Expanding Horizons has identified a need for an accessible, safe, spacious multi-use community hall in Bowden which will be a focal point for gatherings and celebrations for both town and rural residents.

Several factors have contributed to the creation of a new community hall. The Town of Bowden Paul Conrad and Associates to complete a Community Needs Assessment and Facility Development strategy which identified as a priority a facility with indoor and outdoor recreation space that could be used by multiple groups in Bowden. Unfortunately, the residents of town cannot bear the financial burden of a new hall through individual and business taxes.

The Town of Bowden conducted a Community Needs Assessment and Facility Development strategy which identified an initial eight potential sites for a community hall, and Expanding Horizons Building subcommittee evaluated all of the sites. The best location is 3.2 acres with access from Queen Elizabeth Highway 2 and Provincial Highway 587. An offer to purchase the land and initial deposit has been accepted with the closing date in November 2015.

The Business Plan objective is to identify human and financial resources required to implement a project of this scope in Bowden.

The major capital required to construct a new community hall is assumed to be raised through fundraising efforts and government grants. Since both town and rural residents will utilize the hall, both Red Deer County and Town of Bowden representatives will be asked to provide guidance and input on the project.

Expanding Horizons respectfully requests a contribution of $150,000 from the Town of Bowden towards the community hall project.

Expanding Horizons is the lead community organization identified for community fundraising creating partnerships and government grants. Several sources of operational revenue have been evaluated. There is a wide range of potential sources of revenue for the sustainability of the hall.


A community hall is the heart of any small community.

The Bowden Lions Hall has been a gathering place for townspeople and rural residents since it was moved from the Bowden Airport Base in 1948. It was the place where meetings were held, where concerts took place, where organizations came into being, where the sports banquets were held, where the wedding dance took place, and was the only place in town large enough for many funerals.

Like many small community centers, the Bowden Lions Hall has gone into a decline, but it is still the heart of our community. An enthusiastic and dedicated group of town and rural residents have come together with the resolve of building a new hall.

Expanding Horizons – Bowden Cultural Enhancement Society is made up of members from several different groups as well as town and rural residents and local business owners. It is the umbrella society for the building and fundraising committees for the new Community Hall.

Expanding Horizons membership is comprised of several generations of rural and town residents. There are members from the ages of 35 – 80, and all are committed to the longevity and sustainability of the project. This is critical to the viability of the hall in the long-term.

Expanding Horizons Community Hall project was born out of a desire from rural and town residents to work together to build a new community hall for Bowden. The time and financial planning should not rest solely on the shoulders of town residents.


The Objective of Expanding Horizons Bowden Community Hall project is to build a new community hall which will provide the rural and town residents of Bowden and District a gathering place for community functions. It will also provide much needed infrastructure for Bowden.

Mission Statement

To increase and make accessible opportunities for citizens of all ages to participate in a larger variety of cultural and recreational activities.

Keys to Success

Who: The need for a new community hall in Bowden has been recognized for several years. The key to this project is the joint effort between rural and town residents to see that the hall is built with input from all stakeholders so that the new hall is easily accessible and can be used by all age groups.

Expanding Horizons Society was incorporated in 2005 for the following objects:

1.          To provide for the recreation of the members and promote and afford opportunity for friendly and social activities.

2.          To acquire lands, by purchase or otherwise, erect or otherwise provide a building(s) for social and community purposes.

3.          To encourage and promote amateur games and exercises.

4.          To provide a meeting place for the consideration and discussion of questions affecting the interests of the community.

5.          To carry on a literary or debating club for the topics of general interest, and to encourage the practice of public speaking among its members.

6.          To procure the delivery of lectures on social, educational, political, economic and other subjects, and to give and arrange musical and dramatic entertainments.

7.          To establish and maintain a library and reading room.

8.          To provide all necessary equipment and furniture for carrying on its various objects.

9.          To provide a center and suitable meeting place for the various activities of the members.

Why: Briefly stated, the current hall has now passed it's effective service life. We believe it would be cost prohibitive to attempt to bring this building to approved code. The foundation and wall structures are challenged, the envelope is inadequate for energy efficiencies and the heating system is antiquated, the interior finishes and service areas are not fire rated.

It is not recommended that public monies be invested to upgrade this building for long term use. Rather than carry out temporary maintenance programs, it makes sense to apply those monies to the development of a new community hall.

Currently Bowden does not have an adequate facility that would accommodate weddings, conventions, etc. Promoting this facility in a broader region would have a positive central result. The long and short term fundraising would also help engage the community.

There is a need and demand for a facility in Bowden to provide an adequate, safe and suitable space for the community to thrive. A new community hall is absolutely necessary for both town and rural residents to gather. A boardroom would provide a more suitable location for community group meetings. Other possibilities, for example, would include a permanent, full time playschool.

The Bowden Community Hall will fulfill the outstanding need in the community for a space to hold:

  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Family Reunions
  • Class Reunions
  • Funerals
  • Family Dances
  • Musical and Theatrical productions
  • Active Living/Participaction opportunities
  • Dance Recitals
  • Banquets
  • Youth Clubs
  • Commercial Kitchen Rentals/Catering
  • Rental Space for small businesses and community organizations
  • Trade shows
  • Farmers Market

How: Expanding Horizons Executive and Board and subcommittees will direct and lead the project from initial construction plans through to maintenance and marketing in the future.

Where: The best location is 3.2 acres with access from Queen Elizabeth Highway 2 and Provincial Highway 587. An offer to purchase the land and initial deposit has been accepted with the closing date in November 2015.


Phase One: September - November 2015

  • Acquisition of property
  • Capitalization strategy developed for project budget
  • Choose best approach to site and facility development concepts
  • Initiate preliminary design process
  • Proposal submissions prepared for fund development initiatives with identified partners

Phase Two: January - March 2016

  • Implementation of capital recommendations for existing infrastructure
  • Initiate detailed design
  • Fund development through public/private initiatives
  • Commitments targeted by stakeholder groups

Phase Three: April - May 2016

  • Tendering and award
  • Construction phase commences for initial infrastructure

Phase Four: June 2016 - ongoing

  • Formalize capitalization program for community hall
  • Construction phase commences
  • Continued capital plan for existing infrastructure projects
  • Continued expansion of program services by organizations delivering community services

Who: Bowden Expanding Horizons will dedicate resources to engage expertise in community development to coordinate and provide leadership and organization development opportunities. This would include such initiatives as the implementation of capital recommendations, organizational development, governance, finance and marketing. Community development creates synergies between organizations with complementary missions to achieve common objectives.

Bowden Expanding Horizons has members from both town and rural communities as well as such diverse groups as the Bowden Agricultural Society, St. Andrews United Church, Summit Women's Group, Bowden Community Action Park, St. Andrews Players Theatre Group, Seniors Friendship Society, Bowden Lions Club, Friends of Grandview School, Bowden Grandview School, County of Red Deer and the Town of Bowden.

Description of Business

Expanding Horizons is a Society with charitable status. Expanding Horizons Executive and Board will provide the leadership and direction, and members and interested parties from the community will form committees to provide the necessary expertise and knowledge to see the Community Hall project through to completion. Expanding Horizons will maintain ownership of the hall on an on-going basis.

Ownership/Legal Entity

Expanding Horizons will own the community hall during construction and on an ongoing basis.


The new Bowden Community Hall will be ideally situated at the north end of town, with access from Queen Elizabeth Highway 2 and Provincial Highway 587.

  • High ground site with a gentle slope to the west
  • Gravel soil at surface
  • Building position and parking options available
  • Services already available


To meet the needs of the community stakeholders and provide a truly functional and community based facility for all age groups, the hall needs to be 6,500 sq ft. The facility will be handicap accessible and will provide for a banquet hall area for 350 people, commercial kitchen, meeting rooms, stage for theatre and musical productions, storage for community groups and adequate to-code washroom facilities.

Estimated projections of the cost of the building are $200/sq ft for a total of $1,300,000.


The exterior will be park like, with attention paid to the landscaping details. Grass, trees, flower beds, and other features will provide a picturesque area for photos, picnics, a play area and will enhance and beautify the entire lot. This will also provide a very welcoming entrance to the Town of Bowden.


Bowden Community Hall will be available for rental 365 days of the year.


Bowden Community Hall services to the community will include rental space for meeting room and banquet area, commercial kitchen, landscaped area for formal photos, picnic area, parking spaces and plug-ins for RV storage and temporary parking, etc.


Expanding Horizons has a Management Committee in place to oversee the construction of the facility, and will continue to manage the building until the facility is viable.

The Manager will oversee the leasing arrangements, program development, custodial duties and general facility promotion and marketing. The annual salary of this individual will be negotiated when the building is completed.

Funding Sources

Capital Funding Sources

  • Grants: Grants are anticipated to form a major source of the funding required for the construction of the hall. Based on the 2012 - 2015 Capital Plan for Alberta Infrastructure a total of $450 million was budgeted for infrastructure project related to community facilities. A search of current potential federal, provinical and municipal grants will be considered. For example the P3 Canada Fund, Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund, Municipal Sustainability Initiative - Capital Funding, Community Facility Enhancement Program, Green Municipal Fund.


  • Corporate local business, community organizations and individuals can be a significant source of funding for completing the hall. Fundraising can be undertaken through a number of avenues including auctions, dances, festivals, theatre productions, running and bicycling races, garage sales
  • Another potential source of fundraising is naming rights where the titles for rooms can be sold. The name of the facility itself can also be sold.
  • Bequests
  • In-kind contributions and volunteer hours from community members
Operational Funding Sources
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures with adjoining municipalities and rural districts can be another source of funding.

Projected Annual Revenues and Expenses

Projected Annual Revenue

Weekend Rentals       15@$600/day                                 $9,000

Single Day Rentals     25@$400/day                                 $10,000

Meeting Rentals        100 hours@$40/hour                       $4,000

Commercial Kitchen Rentals   400hours@$20/hour          $8,000

Camper Power Plug In    10 spaces @   $10 night / 50     $5,000

Casino                         $30,000/year                                  $10,000

Bowden Town Council Grant     $10,000/year                    $10,000

Leased Space             10 storage/$250/year                     $2500

Equipment Rental           Tables/chairs/av                          $5000

Total                                                                                 =$63,500

Projected Expenses

Utilities                          $15,000

Accounting                    $ 3,000

Custodial                       $ 8,000

Garbage                        $ 1,200

Supplies                        $ 2,000

Advertising                    $10,000

Insurance                      $10,000

Total                              $44,200

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