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Expanding Horizons Bowden Cultural Enhancement Society

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Expanding Horizons – Bowden Cultural Enhancement Society


June 15, 2021

Paterson Community Centre Bowden


Attendance: Brad Dallas, Rob Stuart, Karen Fagan, Tara Rankin, Doreen Flewelling, Sheila Church, Sandy Gamble, Rob & Sandy Wilcox, Greg & Pamela Church, Sena Urichuk, Stan Mills, Norm Westman and Mable Hamilton

1.Welcome and Call to Order – Stan began meeting at 6:31 pm

2.Approval of Minutes from AGM May 19, 2020

3.Audited Financials – provided by Sena. Everyone to review themselves.

We currently have 4 accounts. General, Casino, Hall Operations and Benevolent Account.

4.Review of 2020 activities – March 7th “Brother Bandits”, Trophy Club, Paterson Grain, Bowden Grad in October 2020

5.Stan advised that the Red Lodge Prov. Park project has been deemed to have some liability issues so it has been deemed to abandon the plan at this time. Issues being flooding and non-potable water on site. He also discussed the $60,000 from the sale of the Lions Hall turned out to be only 60 cents due to the asbestos issues. Provided Sena with the 60 cents.

Stan will continue to Chair the group until 2023.

His objectives are: A. Get the Hall Operations back to normal like back in 2019

B. New fundraising ideas eg. Red Lodge Park

C. Old Lions Hall – still an opportunity

D. Continue to look for more rentals

E. Contingency Plan – started by Mabel

F. One meeting with Andrew Paterson to establish relationship

Stan thanked everyone for being at meeting tonight and support throughout the year. Stan specifically mentioned Sena for all the financial information and Kim for all the Manager duties as well as all the extra duties endured during the last year due to the Covid difficulties. Also, Brad and Mabel for all his questions.

6.Stan did a call out when our Zoom meeting was cancelled regarding election of Officers to see if there was interest in all persons remaining on the Board earlier this year. One person has decided to step down. It was decided to re-visit this decision. Elections are as follows:

Election of Officers and Members at Large Expanding Horizons

a.Brad Dallas nominated Stan Mills as President. Sheila Church requested that nominations cease. Stan accepted. Vote carried.

b.Doreen Flewelling nominated Brad Dallas as Vice President. Sandy Gamble requested that nominations cease. Brad accepted. Vote carried.

c.Mabel Hamilton nominated Sena Urichuk as Treasurer. Sandy Gamble requested that nominations cease. Sena accepted. Vote carried.

d.Sheila Church nominated Sandy Wilcox as Secretary. Sandy declined.

Doreen Flewelling nominated Karen Fagan as Secretary. Karen declined.

Karen Fagan nominated Doreen Flewelling as Secretary. Doreen declined.

Sena Urichuk nominated Mabel Hamilton as Secretary. Accepted. Vote carried.

e.Members at Large were discussed. Sheila Church indicated that 4 Directors were ample now that we are established. Sandy Gamble made a Motion that we only have 4 Directors. Brad Dallas seconded the Motion. All in favour.

Rob Stuart made a note that we should check our By-Laws to see what is indicated there. Sena re-iterated that our meetings are open to everyone, not just to Board members. Sandy W. agreed.

Member at Large: Tara Rankin

Member at Large: Norm Westman

Member at Large: Jade Prefontaine

Member at Large: Sandy Wilcox

Brad made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:02 pm.

Minutes taken by Sandy Wilcox

on behalf of Kim Urichuk’s absence.


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London WC1A 1LY


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Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed


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